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Yamaha YCL-255S Bb Clarinet Outfit


Yamaha YCL-255S Bb Clarinet Outfit

Manufacturer: Yamaha



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The YCL-255S is Yamaha’s new, updated version of the YCL-250 Bb student clarinet which proved so popular with pupils and teachers over the last few years. The popularity of the YCL-250 was due to its being an excellent value-for-money choice for student clarinetists thanks to consistently high build-quality, playability and affordability.

With the YCL-255, Yamaha have retained the best qualities of the YCL-250 and added some subtle but effective developments to make it even better value.

Inspired by Yamaha’s professional and custom clarinets, the YCL-255SUK student model clarinet incorporates a 65mm barrel design that produces a focused tone and quick response. This will help new students to produce a more accurate and pleasing sound while giving a tonal edge to students who have been playing a while longer.

A new resonance chamber in the bell of the YCL-255SUK aids in projection and improves intonation in the lower notes, making it easier to achieve a rich and accurate tone in the lower reaches of the instrument.

There is little point in designing a student instrument which is unable to cope with less-than-delicate handling. With this is mind, the YCL-255 features Valentino pads which are more durable, easier to repair and less sensitive to temperature changes than the pads fitted to many student instruments.

The Yamaha YCL-255SUK is, like most clarinets in this price bracket, made of an ABS resin which, while although never likely to produce the rich, dark harmonic tone of a wooden clarinet, does have the advantages of durability and low maintenance. Yamaha have enhanced the YCL-255 with a matte finish and simulated wood grain, giving it the look of a more expensive instrument.

The keys and rods are finished with a hard-wearing silver-plating which is designed to prevent bending and misalignment of the action, which can lead to leaking and intonation problems over time.

Stainless steel springs are used for their excellent response and corrosion resistance.

The Yamaha YCL-255SUK clarinet is supplied with an attractive and durable case, the ever-popular Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, ligature and care kit.