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Worth B-LG Brown Single Unwould Low G Ukulele String (2 Pack)


Worth B-LG Brown Single Unwould Low G Ukulele String (2 Pack)

Manufacturer: Worth



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The first thing to mention with this Japanese made fluorocarbon ukulele string is the '2 pack' description. The string is long enough to fit two tenor ukuleles, but is a single string in one set of packaging. You cut the string in half yourself, but it means you buy a single low G tenor ukulele string, but you get enough length for two ukes.

This is the low G used with the BT-LG strings from worth, a clear fluorocarbon string for use with the tenor ukuleles, allowing you use a low G, while still keeping all of your GCEA chord shapes. Because it is just the low G string, you can try worth strings without going to the expensive of their full sets (also sold in double packs), and also have an alternative single low g ukulele string, rather than just the Aquila ones that are available.

The brown worth strings have a slightly warmer, fuller tone and are very well reviewed and liked by uke enthusiasts.