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Westbury Shaped Violin Case 4/4 with Shoulder Straps

£64.00 £46.90

Westbury Shaped Violin Case 4/4 with Shoulder Straps

Manufacturer: Eastman


£64.00 £46.90

The delivery cost of this item is £7.95.

This is a dart shaped case for full size violin made by Westbury, a brand produced by Eastman Strings who are particularly big in the USA. It perfectly fits a full size violin. The case has a wooden construction, with the wood covered in vinyl and then a tough nylon canvas outer layer to make it tough and durable.

On the outside it has a full length zipped music pocket, while inside it has a detachable quilted violin blanket. The Westbury violin case also has two bow holders and an accessory compartment. There are nylon woven canvas shoulder straps and a key to lock the case, while the leather effect handle and hardware are nice and strong. Inside, the soft inner lining in burgundy is neat and tidy and well stitched.

While this Westbury model is not the cheapest violin case in the world, it is well above average at its price point and therefore reflects very good value for those who want better protection than styrofoam cases while not breaking the bank.