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Visual Sound

V3 Tap Delay Pedal V3SD


V3 Tap Delay Pedal V3SD

Manufacturer: Visual Sound



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The V3 Tap Delay is basically channel 2 of the Dual Tap Delay model but in a small, compact pedal. Perfect for cramped pedalboards, the V3 Tap Delay has all the features a player would want in a single delay pedal including Tap Tempo, Manual Mode, Tone Control, Time Divisions, Modulation, Dual Outputs, and of course control over Repeats and Effect Level.

There are also switches inside the box, which you can alter to set the VS-V3SD pedal exactly as you require.

Here's a snippet from the manual:

Internal Switches: (Remove bottom cover to see internal switches)
Effect – Buffer: For Output 2 only. Changes Out 2 from parallel effect (same as Out 1) to Dry signal from input buffer circuit.

Stock setting: Effect Trailing – No Trailing: In Trailing mode, allows delayed repeats to continue after turning off delay. In No Trailing mode, delayed repeats are cut off when delay is turned off. Stock setting: No Trailing

No Battery power, power supply only, which is not included. You may think that,s a bit harsh, but the Visual Sounds guys think that most people have a multiple power supply setup or already possess a power supply that will do the job. Also it gets round the "different countries have different power outlet styles". Our recommendation is the One spot power supply.