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Visual Sound

V3 H2O Visual Sound Liquid Chorus & Delay


V3 H2O Visual Sound Liquid Chorus & Delay

Manufacturer: Visual Sound



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Version 3 of Visual Sounds extremely versatile analogue Liquid Chorus and Delay unit.

This works as one pedal or as two, with Stereo Chorus, Vibrato and a blend control to create light, lush or Leslie-style, pulsating effects.
Warm natural delay, with true analogue sound, using the numerous output configurations you can swap the order of the effects, or even have two separate fx pedals. Pure tone buffer on/off and silent True Bypass make for a very noiseless pedal. The footswitches are custom-designed by Forever Footswitch ™ and rated for 10 million hits.

No Battery power, power supply only, which is not included. You may think thats a bit harsh, but the Visual Sounds guys think that most people have a multiple power supply setup or already possess a power supply that will do the job. Also it gets round the "different countries have different power outlet styles" Our recommendation is the One spot power supply.

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