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Uluru Solid Koa Pukana La IIC Concert Ukulele - Peter Moss Uke

£679.00 £549.00

Uluru Solid Koa Pukana La IIC Concert Ukulele - Peter Moss Uke

Manufacturer: Uluru


£679.00 £549.00

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This Uluru concert ukulele is the model chosen and endorsed by Peter Moss, the fantastically talented ukulele performer. It is a perfectly made, wonderfully balanced and finished ukulele - with a gorgeous tone and an action that suits Peter's rapid fingerwork and style. The all solid Hawaiian koa body is truly stunning to look at under the gloss finish - even on top end ukes, it is rare to see wood as gorgeous as this. But despite this visual impact, as an experienced player you may note that the feel and balance of this lovely Uluru concert uke is what draws you in the most.

The Pukana La IIC has a mahogany neck, with a satin finish, as opposed to the gloss used to finish the body and the headstock cap. This feels smooth and you can glide your hand quickly up and down the fretboard rapidly when needed. The custom, compensated bone saddle and nut ensure fantastic intonation, and the top quality friction pegs add to the excellent balance the uke has. They also have  gloss koa buttons which is a lovely touch. The headstock has a very tidy laser-etched sun motif and an inlaid logo, while the body features an abalone soundhole rosette and maple binding.

The tone has sweet, clear highs, backed up by rich woody koa depth, with good separation between notes and a nice complexity when strummed. Sustain is good and the Pukana La IIC responds well to vibrato techniques too. Aquila strings are fitted and the tuning stability is excellent, though it is interesting to note that Peter Moss has changed to fluorocarbon strings. While this is his preference, we'd probably suggest experimentation is in order to get the most of the instrument (with Worth Clears winning the race in our own tests to date). Certainly, this Peter Moss endorsed ukulele is up to the challenge of advanced, professional performance, with a beautiful tone, fantastic build quality and fantastic set-up. The tone is also very expressive, allowing a nice rise and fall in volume and brightness as you adapt your style to suit different music.

Peter Moss's Uluru Pukana La IIC has made the trip on his American tour, and while we can't promise that if you choose one of these professional ukuleles you'll be off on your own string of US concerts - we can guarantee you'll be the owner of a particularly fine uke. This is what Peter has to say about his uke: -

"Since I took delivery of the Uluru ukulele, there has not been a day where I have not wanted to pick it up. Why ? It's because it's an absolute delight to play. It has a very pleasant sound and there are 2 distinct "sweet spots" I have discovered dependent on where I pick between the bridge and the top of the fretboard. The quality of finish and tone matches that of instruments twice if not three times the price. What really surprises me is the amount of volume it produces from the Concert body shape. I recently recorded it acoustically through a professional studio microphone with no EQ and listened to and scrutinised the playback. Everything string was there in equal balance. In 2015 I'm recording a CD and this instrument will be used for everything recorded in the C tuning. To Summarise, it looks the part, it sounds superb and its accompanying me on a tour of the States November 2014."