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Ukulele End Pin / Strap Button FITTED


Ukulele End Pin / Strap Button FITTED

Manufacturer: Omega Workshop



This product qualifies for free mainland UK delivery - Scottish Highlands and Islands contact us for details

This is an upgrade to your ukulele, where we will fit a strap button to the bottom of the ukulele you have added to your basket. So, if you have chosen a uke, you can add this product too and we will provide a chrome end pin and fit it to your chosen uke in our workshop. We put one on, in the centre of the body at the bottom - and the size is suitable for most straps (i.e. it is not too large).

The benefit of buying a ukulele strap button upgrade at the same time as buying the ukulele is that our technicians will do it for you, and they'll do it properly. If for some reason something did go wrong? Well, that's our problem and not yours - we take the risk - so you don't have to do it at home!

Usually dispatched within 2 - 4 working days.