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Thomastik Dominant Violin Rosin for Synthetic Core Strings


Thomastik Dominant Violin Rosin for Synthetic Core Strings

Manufacturer: Thomastik



The delivery cost of this item is 98p.

Soft texture produces less dust and does not get 'gummed up' on bow hair.

Perfect for Dominant and Infeld violin and viola strings.

This is high grade rosin specifically designed for synthetic core violin strings like the Dominant or Vision brands. Upgrading violin strings to Dominant or Vision strings is quite common, but many violinist will continue to use their regular rosin on the violin bow. Thomastik Dominant rosin can increase the performance of the bow  as it has been specifically developed by the manufacturer to help the tone of synthetic core strings.

Dominant and Vision strings are relatively expensive compared to budget brands, so it pays to invest a little further with this specially formulated rosin to get the best out of them. 

Usually despatched within 2-4 working days.