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Tama Roadpro Straight Cymbal Stand HC72WN..


Tama Roadpro Straight Cymbal Stand HC72WN..

Manufacturer: Tama



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Are cymbal stands just for supporting cymbals? We think not. All Tama cymbal stands in the Roadpro and Stage Master lineups were designed with the elimination of stand noise a top priority. A special rubber cap at the end of the upper tube eliminates swaying and rattling, and a special nylon sleeve underneath the die-cast joint of the base section further reduces swaying.

Also the toothless Quick-Set Tilter securely holds its position using the friction of six metal disc plates instead of traditional gears, so you can adjust it to any desired angle. This mechanism also has a more durable structure than a conventional gear tilter.

In order to change the height of the cymbal you loosen and tighten the T-bolt/nut of the die-cast joint, making the T-bolt/nut one of the hardest-working parts. At each die-cast joint, the T-nut/bolt is combined with a pressure plate and nylon bushing. With this design, removing and replacing a worn bolt or bushing is fast and easy.

•28.6mm diameter base section tubing
•Double braced legs
•Quick-set tilter
•Quick-set cymbal mate

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