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Strunal Violin 4/4 Outfit 22W


Strunal Violin 4/4 Outfit 22W

Manufacturer: Strunal



The delivery cost of this item is 98p.

The Strunal S22W is craftsman-built in Europe from solid loft-seasoned European tonewoods, and features a lightly flamed maple back and a spruce top, hand carved scroll and ebony fittings, giving it the desired specification for a high quality student violin. The classic Stradivarius violin pattern is complemented by a pleasant, mid-amber brown finish to provide a fine quality European-made student violin of exceptional value. Although quite similar (in terms of features) to the Stentor Conservatoire, this instrument benefits from the finest European craftsmanship and well-aged tonewoods, and is unquestionably superior to its Chinese counterpart. 

It is in many ways very similar to the Zeller another European instrument we are fond of!

This is a quality student instrument, handmade in a European workshop with a history of instrument-making going back several hundred years. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

We can supply this instrument with or without string adjusters  mention which you would prefere when you order.

Supplied as an outfit with a fully-lined brazilwood bow, plushlined oblong case slim line stylish case.
All violinists will need a shoulder rest. We recommend a Viva or a Wolf, which are available from Omega Music.

Every violin we sell is first inspected in our on-site workshops. We make any necessary adjustments, to ensure that your violin will reach you in optimum playing order. Please make sure that this service is offered by a retailer before buying, as most student violins do not arrive from the manufacturer "ready to play". The workshop process requires extensive technical knowledge and specialist tools. We use Fedex Express courier service to ensure quick, safe delivery of your instrument, and all violins are packed in double wall boxes which we have manufactured to order for this purpose.