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Stentor Student 2 Violin Outfit 3/4 (Set Up) - The Pink Edition



Stentor Student 2 Violin Outfit 3/4 (Set Up) - The Pink Edition

Manufacturer: Stentor



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At last, a sensible alternative to buying a bright pink violin! If your child would like a pink violin, but your violin teacher is warning you off it (or recommending a Stentor Student 2), you are not alone!

Painting a violin pink does nothing for the tone, and while having a child happy with the look of their instrument is a plus in terms of encouraging them to practise, the fact is a good tone is all-important in helping a child to progress and stick with the violin.

So, we decided upon a perfect compromise: the Stentor Student 2 Pink Edition! The violin in this outfit is a brand new, workshop set up Stentor Student II. This is the most popular student instrument on the market, consistently good and a regular award winner. Our experienced technicians carry out a series of checks on the instrument before dispatch, setting up the bridge, ensuring the violin action is correct and the violin is ready to play.

Now for the fun part! The regular case has been replaced with a hot pink rigid case, a good quality violin case which definitely ticks all the pink boxes! All student violinists will need a shoulder rest and we include an excellent Everest shoulder rest with the outfit. These are very well made, very comfortable and are easy to fit and adjust. And they are bright pink too!

Completing the outfit is a block of pink violin rosin and a hardwood bow. The bow, like the violin, is of traditional good quality design. Like pink violins, pink bows aren't fantastic, so a regular wood bow is provided. However, the pink rosin looks good enough to eat (assuming you like pink food) and is of excellent quality.

This pink violin outfit is the ideal student package. It has fun elements with the hot pink shoulder rest and violin case, but at its heart it is a serious student instrument which will help your child to progress with learning the violin far more than a cheap sprayed pink instrument would.

This instrument has been set up in our string workshop.