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Stentor Student 1 Double Bass Outfit 1/8 (Fully Set Up)..



Stentor Student 1 Double Bass Outfit 1/8 (Fully Set Up)..

Manufacturer: Stentor



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Developed as a lower-priced instrument suitable for smaller students!

This is a remarkable instrument.

The front is carved from solid spruce for sound quality. Back and sides are made from high quality laminated maple.

This method of construction gives the bass strength, making it well suited for school environments or for players on the move. The tone, though slighly compromised, compared with the more expensive, solid back and sides models, is still big, with impressive dynamics.

Outfit comes complete with bow and cover.

    Solid carved front.
    Laminated back and sides.
    Includes cover and bow.

Usually dispatched within 7 working days and shipping takes 2-3 working days to protect the instrument in transit.

Due to the risk of damage in transit, we will sell these instruments to UK customers only.