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Stentor Standard Violin Outfit - 1/2 size


Stentor Standard Violin Outfit - 1/2 size

Manufacturer: Stentor



This product qualifies for free mainland UK delivery - Scottish Highlands and Islands contact us for details

The Stentor Standard Violin when set-up in our work-shop is a good instrument. Unlike many other economy-level instruments, the Stentor Standard violin is made to correct measurements and specifications. The violin is made from carved solid tonewoods and has a dyed fingerboard and hardwood pegs. As with all violins, improvements in tone can be achieved by fitting better strings. For this instrument, 'Dogal Green' or 'Thomastik Vision' strings would significantly improve the sound.


Product specification:

  • Carved from solid tonewoods.
  • Hardwood fingerboard and pegs.
  • Alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters.
  • Traditional inlaid purfling.
  • Wood bow with natural horsehair and ebony frog.
  • Attractive lightweight case. The case has back-pack straps.

The violin workshop set up
Our workshop process ensures that your violin will be in good playing condition upon receipt. We make sure that the action is correct and that the bridge and soundpost are in the best position.
The bow is rosined by us and we play the instrument to make sure it is ready for use when it arrives. During transit, the moveable bridge is kept in the correct position by wedges. (These are easily removed.)
Do not buy student violins offered without this service, as instruments straight from the factory are NOT set up, and the process requires technical knowledge, experience and the right equipment.

The Stentor company  is concerned about Endangered Timber
Stentor violins are made from wood harvested from ecologically-controlled forests