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Stentor Arcadia Violin 4/4 Outfit


Stentor Arcadia Violin 4/4 Outfit

Manufacturer: Stentor



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If you are looking to upgrade your violin to a more advanced model, or you are an adult beginner looking for a quality violin that will last throughout your studies, the decision to buy a Stentor Arcadia violin would be a very sensible choice. The Stentor Arcadia full-size violin is a high-grade orchestral model, with superb craftsmanship and an impressive tone. All the violins we sell are set up in our workshop before they are safely and quickly dispatched. With a model like the Stentor Arcadia, our Senior Technician will inspect and set up your violin.

The Stentor Arcadia has a finely hand-carved spruce front, with selected, tightly-grained tonewood. This closeness of grain improves the ability of the wood to resonate, so is important in making this Stentor Arcadia sound as good as it does. The Arcadia has a highly- figured maple back, ribs and neck, with inlaid purfling and a traditional, hand-applied shellac varnish. High-grade ebony is used for the Arcadia's fingerboard and pegs, and the violin is fitted with professional, branded Pirastro strings. The bridge is made by Aubert-Lutherie and is perfectly shaped to the front of the violin in our workshop. The instrument also has a Hill tailpiece with single adjuster on the E string and a Guarneri chinrest. If you would prefer a tailpiece with adjusters on all strings, we can do this for you on request.

Each Stentor Arcadia violin is hand-carved in a small workshop within the main Stentor factory, with these advanced violins made under the strict supervision of a master maker, in a traditional luthier's environment that would be familiar to makers throughout the centuries. The end result is a fine-quality violin, both in finish and crucially, in sound. Stentor grade their instruments based on how fine the appearance is, with lesser instruments becoming Elysia or Messina models. However, this is judged on appearance rather than tone - so our Senior Technician orders several Arcadias at once and rejects any that aren't the absolute best in terms of tone. Because of this, if you order from Omega Music, you can be assured that you get the best Stentor Arcadia violin possible.

The Stentor Arcadia violin, fitted with Pirastro strings, delivers a lively yet well-rounded tone, with perfect balance across the four strings. The brilliance of the tone is impressive, without losing depth - while the sustain is long and true. The best possible Stentor Arcadia violins, which are the only ones we sell thanks to our own selection process, means the quality of sound of these instruments is an improvement on more expensive violins from other makers. This is because we only keep the best of the best.
The outfit has a quality bow and a quality oblong case.