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Percussion Plus

Hand Chimes set (15) PP1084..


Hand Chimes set (15) PP1084..

Manufacturer: Percussion Plus



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These are manufactured in the Percussion Plus factory in Market Harborough. Great care and attention have been taken in the production to ensure that the quality of finish and tuning are perfect.
Impressive results can be achieved quickly and effectively, making the hand chimes particularly useful as a musical teaching aid which creates a high degree of motivation and fulfilment. Hand chimes are highly cost-effective as a group instrument, enabling players of various abilities and experience to share in the making of enjoyable and satisfying music.
To play these hand chimes, firmly hold the chime bar end with the beater facing up and your hand near to the beater holder. A simple downward movement with your hand will make the beater strike the chime. The beater will spring back off the chime to give a clear sustained sound.
If the action becomes sticky from a build-up of static, spray lightly with any ordinary spray polish and you will immediately be aware of the difference. Spraying lightly is all that is needed to get rid of the static; too much spray could restrict action.

·        Note range C52 – C76    
·        C5 (C52) - Length 42.5cm, weight 347gms
·        C#5(C#53) - Length 40cm, weight  327gms
·        D5 (D54) - Length 38cm, weight 314gms
·        D#5(D#55) - Length 36.5cm, weight  302gms
·        E5 (E56) - Length 35cm, weight 289gms
·        F5 (F57) - Length 33.3cm, weight 277gms
·        F#5 (F#58) - Length 31.7cm, weight 265gms
·        G5 (G59) - Length 30.2cm, weight 254gms
·        G#5(G#60) - Length 28.5cm, weight  243gms
·        A5 (A61) - Length 27.2cm, weight 231gms
·        Bb5 (Bb62) - Length 25.8cm, weight 219gms
·        B5 (B63) - Length 24.8cm, weight 213gms