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Shure SM57 Microphone


Shure SM57 Microphone

Manufacturer: Shure



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The legendary SM57 is an industry-standard, highly versatile cardioid dynamic microphone tuned for the clean reproduction of amplified and acoustic instruments. The SM57 is ideal for sound reinforcement and recording applications.
What is the SM57 best suited to?
It’s the most popular choice for a professional musician who wants to mic up their amplified or acoustic instrument such as a guitar amp or bass amp, saxophone, trumpet or drums. It is used on stages and in studios around the world.

How does it sound?
The contoured frequency response with its presence rise, helps the instrument cut better through the main mix. The extremely effective cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source and will simply record what you point at it while rejecting sound from the rear.

Transducer Type : Dynamic
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 40 Hz - 15 kHz
Sensitivity (1 kHz): -54,5 dBV/Pa / 1,88 mV/Pa
Weight: 284 g

Suggested Applications
Guitar/Bass Amps, Brass, Saxophone, Harmonica, Snare/Tom, Congas, Female Voices