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Seydel Blues Classic Harmonica - Various Keys

£70.00 £57.99

Seydel Blues Classic Harmonica - Various Keys

Manufacturer: Seydel


£70.00 £57.99

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A brilliant new model with STAINLESS STEEL reeds from The Worlds Oldest Harmonica Company Seydel. Seydel have been hand making harmonicas in Klingenthale, Germany since the year 1847 and this is the celebration ‘Original Seydel 1847’ Blues Harmonica.The 1847 Classic is the result of Seydel's 160-year of experience in manufacturing high-quality harmonicas. (Also available with plastic comb ...See the 1847 Silver)
This harminica will last you longer than most others! ...a must for any serious blues harmonica player, it has stainless steel reeds and stainless steel rivets (So no rusting and build up of corrosion) This harmonica is built to a high quality and rugged specification …it will play in tune after hard playing, the reed plates are precision engineered flat and parallel, then screwed to the maple wood comb …this gives excellent air tightness and stability of tone. The smooth contoured cover plates add ease to playing along with the curved chamber openings and rounded hole dividers. All around a great quality German made blues harmonica that will not let you down.
The 1847, a harmonica, that impresses from innovation but nevertheless fits all traditional demands - a master's instrument for maximum ambitions.
    •    Full and loud, overtone-rich sound and extremely fast tone-response due to stainless steel reeds
    •    Very long durability and even with heavy duty playing - stainless steel reeds and stainless steel rivets
    •    Less air-loss due to fine-cut reedplates - optimized flatness and extremely small tolerances between reed and reedplate
    •    Beard- and lip-friendly - coverplates with rounded edges without any cuts at the mouthpiece and ergonomic built hole-openings and rounded dividers
    •    The overtone-rich sound can spread out undampened - covers made of extra strong stainless steel sheet (0.4mm), opened wide at the back and crimped and therefore a good stability and rounded edges
    •    Moisture-proof, swelling-free maple-comb, sealed with multiple layers of food-safe finish
Available in Ab, A, Bb, C, Db, D, Eb, E, F#, G, Low C, Low Db, Low D, Low Eb, Low E, Low F, Low F#  Please use drop down box to choose key
Complete with presentation box cover, care cloth and hardshell carry case.

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