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Studio 49

Royal Vibraphone 4 Octaves



Royal Vibraphone 4 Octaves

Manufacturer: Studio 49



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This splendid instrument, made by Studio 49, has beams using an aluminium/wood sandwich construction for lasting stability
    Graduated resonators made from high quality aluminium
    Large wheels, two with brakes


    Lifelong, perfect and conistent damping over the complete tonal range even when the keyboard is tilted thanks to special joints at each side of frame and dual damping rods
    Damping travel and damping characteristics can be adjusted easily to individual requirements. The damping system is adaptable to suit a wide range of musical styles from for Symphonic to Jazz.
    Extrra-wide pedal in the concert Series for flexible, convenient damping

Vibrato facility:

    Synchronised rotation of the fans with approx. 20 - 150 rpm
    Reinforced, hard-wearing drive belts
    Exceptionally quiet and efficient sealed motor with fine control of fan speed. Dual voltage 110/220 volts with innovative, energy saving drive
    Dimensions of instrument

length: 192cm

width: 89cm

height: 84 - 93cm

weight: 61.00kg

Protective cover and one pair each of No F 013, F 014 and F 015 mallets are included.

order number: RVC 4000