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Rovner 2M Dark Saxophone Ligature



Rovner 2M Dark Saxophone Ligature

Manufacturer: Rovner



The delivery cost of this item is £2.95.

The 'Dark' is the original Rovner ligature and a classic amongst fabric ligatures.

Designed in 1974, the 'Dark' immediately gained favour with clarinet and saxophonists and established Phil Rovner as an innovator in the design of these small but vital components.

Like all Rovner ligatures, the concept behind the 'Dark' is to gently but securely hold the reed against the mouthpiece, allowing it to vibrate freely and evenly to enhance tone and control. The 'Dark' is renowned for producing a rich, warm tone, versatile enough for any situation but particularly popular for classical playing.

Rovner ligatures are quick and easy to fit, with a single screw which feels solid and reliable enough to avoid the temptation to over-tighten it. The fabric has been treated to clever scientific processes to resist stretching and warping.

All Rovner ligatures are intended to be inverted (with the screw to the back of the mouthpiece).

The Rovner Dark ligature is supplied complete with a mouthpiece cap.

The 2M ligature is designed to fit the following mouthpieces:
Alto - metal alto sax mouthpieces by Dukoff, Yanagisawa and Brendan Tibbs.
Tenor - most slim metal tenor mouthpieces.
Baritone - metal mouthpieces by Meyer, Guy Hawkins and Wolfe Tayne.

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