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Rotosound Rotos - Electric Guitar Strings


Rotosound Rotos - Electric Guitar Strings

Manufacturer: Rotosound



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Developed in conjuction with some of the world's top artists, and wound using state of the art tension control management.Rotosound string sets deliver a smooth powerful tone that lasts while other strings have long gone dead. Superb brilliance and strength make Rotos the first choice for the professional.

Each set includes free extra 1st string


R9     - 9:11:16:24w:32w:42w
RH9  - 9:11:16:26w:36w:46w
R10   - 10:13:17:26w:36w:46w
RH10 - 10:13:17:30w:42w:52w
R11   - 11:14:18:28w:38w:48w
R12   - 12:16:24w:32w:42w:52w
R13   - 13:17:26w:34w:44w:54w