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Rotosound Nickel Roundwound Bass Strings


Rotosound Nickel Roundwound Bass Strings

Manufacturer: Rotosound



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Rotosound Rotos are nickel on steel string, where the sound, balance, feel and tone remains uppermost in Rotosound’s commitment to offer the musician the very best in value for money.
These strings are manufactured on ‘state of the art’ computer controlled string winding machines that have been developed by Rotosound engineers to bring you a consistently good product time and time again.


Nickel on steel, extra bright, unsilked.
Manufactured in England since 1958.
Finest quality materials.
Legendary British tone.

  • RB 35 Gauge: 35 55 75 95.
  • RB 40 Gauge: 40 60 80 100.
  • RB 45 Gauge: 45 65 85 105.
  • RB 50 Gauge: 50 70 90 110.