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Roland Street Cube Amp


Roland Street Cube Amp

Manufacturer: Roland



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The Roland Street Cube is not specifically a ukulele amplifier, in fact it is much more commonly used by guitarists. However, with a ukulele plugged in, it is fabulous. Simply, utterly fabulous. If it isn't clear that we think the Roland Street Cube is fabulous with a ukulele, then please read the following statement: - 'THE ROLAND STREET CUBE IS FABULOUS WITH AN ELECTRO UKULELE'. We may have laboured the point there a little, but while there is a fuller description and review of the Roland Street Cube below, really, if you have an electro ukulele, this fabulousness is the main thing you need to know!

The Roland Street Cube is mains or battery operated, making it the ideal choice for performing, busking, or ukulele club nights and gigs - particularly those where a plug socket may be hard to come by. It runs on 6 regular AA batteries, giving up to 15 hours of continuous use. How it performs so well, so loudly on these little batteries is a mystery. Of course, there is an included AC adaptor which you should use if you have access to a socket. The fact that it has a separate XLR input and channel for a mic makes it a great portable PA system too. (You can also use a mic with a jack input if you prefer). The cabinet has an angled base, meaning it projects the sound up towards your audience.

This ukulele amplifier is relatively compact in size, 415mm across, 295mm deep and 250mm high, and weighs 5.9kg. It houses two high performance 6.5" speakers. These are described as 'neodymium' speakers. If that means something to you, great, if not, it is enough to say they sound great! There is also a great range of effects to choose from. Some of them are more guitar orientated, although you can still have fun with a uke with overdrive, but many are not only useful for ukulele performances, but the effects themselves are really good quality. The delay and reverb both sound amazing, while the chorus, flanger, phaser and tremolo sound great with ukuleles - and to be honest, with many effects pedals and amps, those effects aren't usually that good. There's an acoustic guitar simulator setting which is interesting too - with a ukulele it flattens the tone and gives a really crisp sound which, believe it or not, sounds great if you're doing a bit of flamenco uke (the things we get up to!).

There is a lot of gushing praise here but please don't think that it is 'marketing speak', these are genuinely held opinions. This street cube from Roland is brilliant for uke players, performers, bands and clubs. Our test was done with the nearest ukulele to hand, a relatively basic Brunswick BU4CE. And it sounded amazing, it seemed like a much better uke being used - with a really clear sound, and none of that annoying 'clacking' noise you usually get when amplifying a uke with Aquila strings. Simply top quality!

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