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Risa Solid Soprano Compact Electric Ukulele - Made In Europe

£209.00 £189.00

Risa Solid Soprano Compact Electric Ukulele - Made In Europe

Manufacturer: Risa


£209.00 £189.00

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This Risa soprano ukulele is a little bit different. Well, lets be fair, it is a lot different. It is a really good quality European made electro ukulele - with a really innovative string and tuner position. With geared tuners on top, and the strings wound between the body, you may think that playing a Risa ukulele may be strange. And it is. For a short time anyway! It is remarkable how quickly you get used to the configuration though, and it is actually a very nicely set up and easy-playing uke, once the initial awkwardness wears off.

It is made from one piece of solid wood, and equipped with a passive Shadow piezo pickup, top mounted Grover tuners and Fluoro-Carbon strings. The action is really very good indeed, buzz free along the scale but easy to play. Risa ukes are now supplied with Nylgut strings.