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Risa Solid Concert Compact Electric Ukulele - Made In Europe

£239.00 £205.00

Risa Solid Concert Compact Electric Ukulele - Made In Europe

Manufacturer: Risa


£239.00 £205.00

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These Risa solid electric ukuleles may look like a novelty, but the only novelty is just how excellent they are. Well set up and super-smooth fingerboards and frets make them a joy to play, and the electrics are frankly outstanding. This is the Risa concert ukulele, which is European made and has an innovative tuning system (the tuning pegs are on top).

People who have played the uke before will find it unusual to play at first, with the lack of headstock, but once you've mastered it (a process that won't take long) it is actually a bonus! Put this through some effects too and you'll have a lot of fun, a LOT of fun. We don't just copy and paste manufacturer descriptions but take the time to learn about the instrument. And I can tell you this Risa concert uke got a very thorough testing indeed. In fact . . . I'm off to test it just a little bit more, it is too much fun!

Risa ukes are now supplied with Nylgut strings.