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Risa LP Style Tenor Electro Ukulele Cherry Sunburst + Gig Bag


Risa LP Style Tenor Electro Ukulele Cherry Sunburst + Gig Bag

Manufacturer: Risa



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There are bad ukes, average ukes and good ukes. And there are unusual ukes too - a group to which this Risa LP Tenor Electro belongs. It has a solid archtop mahogany body, with two hand coiled humbucker pickups and tone and volume controls that allow a great variation in the sounds you can shape. It is GCEA, with low G, and steel strung - with a featherlight action that is exceptionally playable. Unusual yes, but it belongs to another group of ukes too. The group of ukes that melt your heart you love them so much, and that make you desire one so bad you might actually spend this much money on one!

It is so good it is actually worth it. In our view, it is difficult to think what you could spend this much on that would make you happier for longer. There certainly can't be many legal ways to make yourself this happy to play a uke! You could actually classify playing the Risa LP tenor electro ukulele as a 'legal high'. Tear your eyes away from the beautiful cherry sunburst finish for a moment, if you can, and consider the most fantastic, low action playing experience. This thing is a joy to play. You might think its steel strings would hurt fingers used to normal ukulele strings - but you need so little pressure to make contact with the frets, that is a worry that can be instantly dispelled.

The European made, handcrafted Risa LP tenor electro ukulele has a 432mm scale along a solid mahogany neck with block inlays. The gorgeous gloss finish also has vintage cream binding (that is, the binding style is vintage, it has nothing to do with cream that has been left out of the fridge too long). The Risa LP also has a three way switch for pickup selection, for the neck, bridge or both, and each pickup has an individual aluminium tone control, and volume control.

There's a gig bag too, not that you'll keep it in there much - this thing will be in your hands constantly! The only question is, why get a Risa LP tenor electro ukulele - it is after all a considerable luxury. But then so is caviar and honestly, this is going to give you so much more pleasure than fish eggs will.