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Renaissance Timpani Head - 22"


Renaissance Timpani Head - 22"

Manufacturer: Remo



The delivery cost of this item is £7.95.

Renaissance® Timpani (tympani) heads boast a warm, dark, focused sound with full-range projection. Combining the look and feel of calfskin with superb tonality and consistency.

To find the size you need measure across the diameter of the outer rim of the old head or the inside of the counter hoop.

Premier Timpani use a head 1" larger than the timpani size.

Adams and Yamaha timpani use a head 2" larger than the timpani size.

N.B. Many older timpani were hand-made and the heads (usually vellum on a wooden hoop) were unique to that drum, so standard heads will not fit them. Contact us for the name of a company that makes these, though be warned, they are usually over £100 each.