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Remo Mondo Djembe Head 11"Type 2


Remo Mondo Djembe Head 11"Type 2

Manufacturer: Remo



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A MONDO™ drumhead is defined by its construction style. These heads feature a straight-wall ACOUSTICON™ construction.
Head Type 2

Fiberskyn 3

Remo's fiberskyn heads simulate rawhide heads in texture and sound.  One advantage of the Fiberskyn head is it is less effected by weather and humidity than rawhide.  This means the tuning holds longer and is more consistent.  Fiberskyn heads are also considered, by Remo, to be more durable than rawhide heads, so they can handle the strongest beatings.  Plus, Fiberskyns are very responsive and sensitive, allowing your conga tones to resonate and sing with minimal effort.