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Percussion Plus

Quality Grenadilla Claves PP231


Quality Grenadilla Claves PP231

Manufacturer: Percussion Plus



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Claves are percussion instruments originating from Cuba  and consisting of a pair of short thick dowels. Traditionally they are made of wood, typically rosewood or grenadilla and when struck they produce a bright clicking noise and are often used to play a repeating rhythmic figure throughout a piece. Simple to play but effective.

These quality, beautiful-sounding, grenadilla claves produce a superb tone and the density of the wood provides the player with a brighter and louder tone than our other versions with one one clave making a slightly deeper sound than the other. These claves will not disappoint and due to their quality and superb tone are suitable for professional players. A better sounding pair of claves will be hard to find on the market.

Length 8" (20cm)