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Pub Prop - Table Mounted Ukulele / Guitar / Instrument Stand


Pub Prop - Table Mounted Ukulele / Guitar / Instrument Stand

Manufacturer: Stones Music



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The pub prop is an ingenious bit of kit, designed to clamp to a table top - with a safe cradle on the other side for your ukulele to hang from. There are adaptors for the cradle, allowing you to use it with larger or smaller necked instruments, so this pub prop instrument hanger will accomodate anything from a fiddle to a dreadnought guitar. The pub prop allows you to take your uke with you to crowded sessions and club events where a floor based stand might be impractical. It is extremely popular in the folk scene, where musicians entrust their instruments to the pub prob during folk sessions.

The pub prop has an adjustable clamp allowing you to attach it to any thickness of table, while the adaptors for different neck sizes can be stored in the handy little drawstring bag that it comes with. The pub prop instrument stand was designed in the UK and is manufactured there too.

Two small points, the ukulele in the picture is not included, and neither is the stool the pub prop is attached too (you knew that we're guessing....). Also, we've called it a table mounted stand, but then pictured it with a stool. Although we love to take our own pictures, there was no way we were carting a table in the photo studio, so we hope you can get the picture with the images we've taken of the pub prop!