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Prodipe GL21 Lanen Clip On Pro Ukulele Microphone..


Prodipe GL21 Lanen Clip On Pro Ukulele Microphone..

Manufacturer: Prodipe



The delivery cost of this item is £7.95.

The first thing you want to say about the clip on ukulele microphone is that it sounds amazing. But, the thing that should probably come first is the fact that it requires phantom power. This means it is powered from the device you plug it into. If that device has phantom power, your mixing desk, recording interface or your amplifier - you are good to go. Plenty of amps don't have phantom power though - so make sure you have phantom power before you buy! If you do, then finally this is a fantastic, affordable and reliable way to make your acoustic uke sound great when amplified. We've often been asked whether to go for electro acoustic ukulele, or an acoustic one and use a clip on pickup. The answer has always been it is better to have a built in pickup. But, this Prodipe GL21 is a bit of a game changer - it produces a fantastic representation of your ukulele's tone.

The GL21 from Prodipe (pronounced pro-deep), is compact and easy to use. There are two different types of clip, both of which are covered with soft fabric so it doesn't scratch your uke. The two clip types are both included, meaning you'll be able to place the mic in a position that doesn't affect your strumming style. It easily moves and detatches, and the mic itself is easy to clip into its housing. A lead comes from the mic and goes into an XLR socket - which you can plug into a mixing desk or into an phantom power delivering amp.

The sound is delivered is clear as a bell and really impressive. If anyone has tried a stick-on or clip-on pickup you may well be familiar with their oversensitivity to movement of your hands and fingers on the body of the instrument. With the Prodipe GL21 uke mic that has all gone. It is simply clear, good quality and accurate sound. In our tests, when using a uke with Aquila strings, the C string could be a bit dominant... but adjustment of the amp could knock that out. Ukes with Savarez and Worth strings were spot on from the off.

The lead from the mic to the XLR is 5 feet (152cm) - which is fine for recording. But if you are performing and need a bit longer, an XLR - XLR cable would be a good investment (see below in related products), to give you a bit more freedom on stage.

If you have phantom power this mic is really an excellent product. You can amplify your full collection of ukes all with this one compact, and excellent GL21 uke mic.