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Piacenza 4/4 Flamed Maple Violin Outfit


Piacenza 4/4 Flamed Maple Violin Outfit

Manufacturer: Hidersine



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When set-up in our work-shop this instrument is a very good choice.

One of the world's favourite orchestral brands brings you this superior quality violin outfit designed specifically for the discerning student. The Piacenza comes complete with a case, bow, rosin and  quality synthetic core strings. Not content with creating a generic far-eastern violin, the experts at Hidersine have specified a well above-average list of tonewoods, parts and accessories  If you are considering the Stentor Conservatoire, then we recommend this as an alternative. This is an excellent student instrument offering tremendous value, and is highly recommended!
Hand carved straight grained spruce table.
Hand carved figured/flamed maple ribs, scroll and back.with hand applied varnish.
Ebony fingerboard, pegs, endpin and chinrest with gilt fittings.
Strung with H100 synthetic core strings.
Lightweight oblong case.

All violinists will need a shoulder rest. We recommend a Viva or a Wolf.

At Omega Music, we check and set up EVERY violin we sell, regardless of the model, or the discount applied to the price! Our workshop process ensures that your violin will be in good playing condition upon receipt. Beware of student instruments offered without this service, as instruments straight from the factory are NOT set up, and the process requires technical knowledge, experience and the right equipment.