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Percussion Plus

Percussion Plus Bass Diatonic Metallophone PP021



Percussion Plus Bass Diatonic Metallophone PP021

Manufacturer: Percussion Plus



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This instrument has well tuned bars . It is a rich, sonorous sound and would form the bass element of  an ensemble of pitched percussion.  (If setting up,class tuned percussion, one should also consider the German Studio 49 make.)

Bass Xylophones work well with the other parts of the metal chorus, ie the Soprano glock, Tenor xylophones

This ensemble is well complemented by the choir of metallophones, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.

It is worth mentioning, that any ensemble needs only one bass for each choir, ideally one Bass Metallophone and one Bass Xylophone.

These sets of instruments will  form the central core of the Orff-based Classroom orchestra.

Naturally, all these instruments would, ideally, have the chromatic halves!

*See article an Classroom ensembles

This instrument is manufactured in the UK. It is a strong and sturdy bass metallophone and gives a superb mellow sound from its four resonating sound chambers. It is made from quality timber and has durable, fibreglass note bars. Being a part of the Perfect Pitch range, its tuning is completed to the highest of standards as care has been taken to ensure that the instrument has followed strict precision tuning control to A440 (pitch standard).
Our Perfect Pitch instruments have always been a popular instrument choice for schools and players for over 25 years as they are known for the reliability and robustness and they are always easily recognisable from their sprayed “red” finish to identify them as genuine Percussion Plus products. Once played any other Metallophone will just not sound the same. 

PP027 can be accompanied with a PP028 Bass Chromatic Half metallophone to make a fully chromatic bass instrument.
·        Note range C28 - A49
·        Additional Notes Supplied F#34, F#46 & Bb38
·        Length 87cm, Width 50cm, Height 35cm
·        Weight 10kg
·        Beaters Supplied

·        PP099 (long note pegs)
·        PP071 (beaters)
·        MS1006 (note bars)
·        SPP304 (non slip round foot)
·        SPP301A (stakes)
·        SPP302 (screw cap)

MS1414 Bass Stand on wheels is also available to suit this instrument