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Ozark High-Strung Guitar 3372-6


Ozark High-Strung Guitar 3372-6

Manufacturer: Ozark



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Ozark's high-strung guitar is part of Ozark small-bodied guitar range. Sharing the body size of Ozark's successful and sought-after tenor guitar, it has been designed with 'Nashville' tuning in mind. Whilst maintaining the standard EADGBE tuning, the lower four strings are tuned an octave higher, resulting in a very bright sound that gives an interesting twist to all of your favourite chord progressions.


    Solid cedar top
    Rosewood faced back and sides
    Mahogany neck
    Rosewood head veneer
    Rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot markers -
    19 frets Maple binding
    Rosewood bridge
    Chrome die-cast machine heads
    Attractive natural satin finish
    'Nashville' tuning: EADGBE with lower 4 strings tuned an octave higher
    Scale length: 575mm Overall length: 885mm

The history of the Ozark brand goes back over 30 years. The first Ozark instruments were banjos and mandolins which were made in Japan. Today Ozark has a reputation for outstanding instruments whose materials and specification are of the highest standard, together with styles and finishes to suit all tastes. They use good quality hardware and fittings on all Ozark instruments.

The latest Ozark guitar models are produced in a small factory workshop using traditional acoustic guitar construction methods, resulting in light, beautifully balanced guitars with good volume and wonderful tonal characteristics.

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