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Mollenhauer Prima 1054 Pearwood Descant Recorder - Blue Head


Mollenhauer Prima 1054 Pearwood Descant Recorder - Blue Head

Manufacturer: Mollenhauer



The delivery cost of this item is £1.50.

The Mollenhauer 1054 Prima descant recorder, with baroque fingering (the English style), delivers a warm tone. It is a free-blowing instrument with a fun blue coloured head joint on top of a well-worked pearwood body - delivering an all-round package of good quality, low cost and nice sound.

Our recorder expert is particularly happy with this German-made recorder on a value for money basis, saying it is very stable in tone - unusually good for such an economically-priced recorder. Whilst not have quite the tone of an al- wood recorder, it is very practical and easy to maintain making it great for children and adults alike!

The Mollenhauer Prima descant recorder comes with a nice, padded zip-up bag, and is equipped with a cleaning rod.

These instruments take approximately a week to arrive and come factory fresh from the Mollenhauer workshop.