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Mollenhauer Canta Bass in Pearwood 2546..



Mollenhauer Canta Bass in Pearwood 2546..

Manufacturer: Mollenhauer



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Pearwood, baroque double hole, with double key
Strong, stable sound: the foundation of the ensemble!

Natural holding position: the “knick” (bent head) brings the instrument closer to your body; you have a significantly smaller distance to get to the lower notes.

Relaxed playing: the right arm hardly needs to stretch; this lightweight bass will not cause tension!

Ergonomics play a large role in the design of this bass. This instrument is comfortable for players who have difficulties with conventional basses.

Feels good to play: the mouthpiece is designed to be blown directly. Knick bass Baroque

Ergonomically designed key system: changing fingering is made easier by the roller attached to the double key.

These instruments will take three or four days to arrive and come factory fresh from the Mollenhauer workshop.

a' = 442Hz

Also included

        Support strap
        Thumb rest
        Microfibre mop, highly absorbent
        Joint grease
        Fingering chart
        Maintenance instructions



Usually dispatched within a week.