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Moeck 4302 Rottenburgh Treble (Alto) Recorder


Moeck 4302 Rottenburgh Treble (Alto) Recorder

Manufacturer: Moeck



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In 1966 the renowned recorder maker Friedrich von Huene had the chance to play and examine nearly all the original recorders kept in European museums. His work resulted in the basic model of the Moeck Rottenburgh baroque recorders, which are similar to the instruments made by Jean-Hyacinth-Joseph Rottenburg, but with modern tuning. These instruments are true all-rounders and they remain reliable and easy to play even after extensive use.

The pearwood body provides a warm, well-balanced sound.
    3 joints.
    Fingering: Baroque.
    Tuning: A1 = 442 Hz.
    Holes/Key: Double holes for F/F# and G/G#.

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