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Moeck 2202 Flauto Rondo Descant (Soprano) Recorder..


Moeck 2202 Flauto Rondo Descant (Soprano) Recorder..

Manufacturer: Moeck



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Probably the most widely-used wooden recorders, Moecks are well-known across Europe for the superb quality of their craftsmanship. The 2202 is a professional-quality descant recorder, designed for ensemble playing. It is crafted from European Pearwood, which gives a flexible, warm and well-balanced sound.  Supplied in a cotton bag with leather binding.
Slim and light, designed for ease of handling for players of all ages.

Baroque Fingering

We get these fine instruments directly from the workshops in Celle, Germany. This ensures a freshness and guarantees the latest finesse. Allow us a few days to bring you a perfect instrument.