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Martin X Series OXK Soprano Ukulele + Free Gig Bag


Martin X Series OXK Soprano Ukulele + Free Gig Bag

Manufacturer: Martin



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Martin take their ukuleles very seriously, and this X series soprano ukulele comes with a bewildering array of technical specifcations and details! It is constructed from mahogany blocks with an applied dovetail neck joint, with a Koa wood pattern HPL textured body, back and sides. The neck is a very interesting stratabond and there is a Koa patterned HPL headstock.

So, why go to the effort of developing a ukulele with a high pressure laminate body when Martin usually use solid tonewoods? Well, why not? It certainly adds a bit of interest and makes this an incredibly hard wearing instrument. We recently saw Zahra Lowzley using a Martin OXK and you can see why she may have opted for it - with her intense and percussive style requiring the protection of this super-tough material. Also, the OXK sounds really nice too - which is the key issue. If a ukulele sounds nice, whether it is made of mahogany or cheese for that matter, starts to become irrelevant (though cheese ukes can stuggle in warm temperatures we're told).

The tone isn't as distinctly Martin as other Martins, which have more attack, almost like a bark (not a bad bark... think a playful golden retreiver, not a rabid Alsation). The OKX seems a bit more gentle and melodic, a bit more complex with a ringing tone that sustains nicely. Not that the volume is bad, just that this soprano uke is a different beast entirely, with a different voice from say, the Martin S1. We like it a lot.

It has good quality Grover tuning pegs, and the traditional Martin shape. Unsurprisingly for a Martin ukulele, this uke comes fitted with Martin strings. The friction pegs aid the balance of the uke, which feels really good in the hands - and between the strings and the tuners, the instrument holds its tuning well. This Martin OXK soprano ukulele also comes with a good quality Martin branded gig bag