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Martin S1 All Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele with Gig Bag


Martin S1 All Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele with Gig Bag

Manufacturer: Martin



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The Martin S1 soprano ukulele isn't the cheapest out there by a long way. However, it represents really good value as it really is good. Really really really good. This description will now ramble on about all the ways it is so good, but while you read, keep in mind this Martin ukulele is really good. That point should be clear now!

It looks smart. It is well built. It is set up well. But oh how it sounds! The tone is perfectly balanced across the four strings. It doesn't just produce a noise, it really sings - the sound from a single strum comes in waves, in and out. Lovely, lovely tone. It is loud too but really versatile for all its volume. Adjust your playing style and you can be playing warm flowing melodies, or strum away with bright, clear chords. Or vice versa, it will be what you want it to be. The sustain is great too - an average pick on the C string gives you seven seconds. We don't make a habit of timing sustain, honest.

The set up is great, with spot on intonation. Melodies really chime together, even high up on the neck. We check and set up ukuleles in our workshop, but to be honest, these Martin S1 ukuleles are so good there's very little we need to do other than just double check. The nut is Tusq and is compensated, ringing true and aiding the intonation. Martin strings are fitted, that is unsurprising news. While not a big fan of these normally, they suit the Martin S1 ukulele perfectly.

The Martin S1 ukulele isn't adorned with a great deal of decoration. Somehow that suits it. The wood grain is really beautiful, someone has gone to a great deal of trouble to select the materials, and it doesn't need sparkly bits to distract from it. There is a simple black and white soundhole decorative ring, the Martin logo is stamped on the traditional crown shape on the headstock and that is it - its all about the wood. The fingerboard is nice smooth rosewood and the 17 frets are very nicely dressed and it has very good Grover nickel friction pegs which are very effective.

There is a nice padded ukulele bag with gold embroidery for the Martin log with this ukulele. That is possibly the only gripe, perhaps a hard case and the price being a bit higher, or no case and the price being a bit lower would have been more sensible. Perfectly nice padded bag though.

Sometimes you get famous brands where it is all about the name, and the products are no better than rivals other than the fact they are more expensive. But this with this Martin S1 you are getting a soprano ukulele of real class. It is a Martin, and with this model that really does mean something. It is an excellent uke - and worth the money, even if it is quite an outlay.

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