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Martin All Solid Hawaiian Koa C1K Concert Ukulele & Gig Bag


Martin All Solid Hawaiian Koa C1K Concert Ukulele & Gig Bag

Manufacturer: Martin



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It would be hard to play the ukulele and not know the heritage and history behind the Martin brand, famous for producing ukes since 1916. They are famous, and that is one thing - but they still have to be good. But any fears on that side of things can be firmly put to one side with the beauty of a concert uke, the Martin C1K. The full bodied voice, the effortless power and volume and the superb playability go hand in hand with lovely looks, great build quality and wood. Lovely, lovely wood.

The body of the C1K is ridiculously nice all solid Hawaiian Koa. Its patterns are an absolute delight and Martin have not distracted from this beauty with fancy inlays - only a simple soundhole rosette is in evidence. Some may be attracted by dragons inlaid into fingerboards with abalone and the like, but there is no need with the Martin C1K. Only the wood matters - and it is more than enough to deliver a real feast for the eyes.

The fingerboard is very high grade rosewood, which joins the body with a lovely dovetail neck joint. The 17 frets on the 15 inch fretboard are perfectly smooth and well finished, and subtle markers appear on the 5th, 7th and 10th frets, on the neck as well as the fingerboard itself. The saddle and nut are white TUSQ, with the former compensated to deliver very accurate intonation. Add in quality, lightweight geared Grover brand tuners with white buttons, and a highly playable action and you're all set with the Martin C1K for a very nice playing experience.

Inside the Martin C1K, everything is very spick and span. If the interior of this concert ukulele was a room, it would be one that has just been extensively hoovered and dusted by your mum. Nothing out of place, and everything as precision made inside as it is outside. Everything indicates an extremely high quality build, which you'd expect from a Martin, or any uke at this professional level end of the market.

The tone of the Martin C1K is many things rolled into one. Powerful and loud when you need it, sweet and warm when you step it down a little. The woody depth of sound from the koa is very much in evidence when strummed, while the sweetness it delivers comes to the fore when picked. A really versatile uke that can't fail to make you smile.

The uke is equipped with Martin strings (what else), and comes with a very very high quality Martin branded gig bag. It also comes fitted with the ability to make you grin while playing it, and a free sense of being very lucky to hold it!

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