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Majestic Ross Scholastic Vibraphone R704 Silver Bars


Majestic Ross Scholastic Vibraphone R704 Silver Bars

Manufacturer: Majestic



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The Majestic vibraphones are available in the most popular 3 octave range and offer a very warm, full-bodied tone that is perfectly balanced throughout the range of the instrument. The wide pedal design with twin pull-rods allows the performer to play freely and also creates a more efficient damping mechanism.
The wide pedal design with twin pull rods offers players comfort and reliability.
The cogged belt increases stability and during damping, allows the pusaltor shaft stops at the same position. The reinforced cogged belt ensures precise alignment of the rotors of both resonator banks and provides reliable performance over time.

 3 Octaves

Range :     F3-F6
Bar :     Silver
Bar Sizes :     38 mm
Pitch :     A = 442 Hz
Length:     164 cm
Width (low end) :     71 cm
(high end) :     65 cm
Height :     90 - 115 cm
Weight:     59.5 kg

    Model: 2pVR704
    Brand: Majestic

Usually dispatched within about three weeks, since these products are made to order by Majestic.