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Majestic Deluxe Orchestral Chimes 18 notes C6618C


Majestic Deluxe Orchestral Chimes 18 notes C6618C

Manufacturer: Majestic



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The Majestic Deluxe Chime Range is a new professional set of chimes (Tubular bells) from the famous manufacturer Majestic, and has had great write-ups from leading percussionists.

Majestic Deluxe series chimes have a traditional steel wire hanging system.. They deliver profound resonance and unparalleled consistency of tone. The damper box protects the mechanism and ensures unhindered smooth pedal function.

  • Range :     C5 - F6
  • Tube :     18 notes
  • 32cm
  • Chrome / Brass
  • Pitch :     A = 442 Hz
  • Length:     92 cm
  • Width :     62 cm
  • Height :     178 cm
  • Weight:     90.8 kg

Usually dispatched within about three weeks, since these products are made to order by Majestic.