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Magic Fluke

Magic Fluke M80W Firefly Banjolele USA Made Walnut Banjo Ukulele

£299.00 £259.00

Magic Fluke M80W Firefly Banjolele USA Made Walnut Banjo Ukulele

Manufacturer: Magic Fluke


£299.00 £259.00

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This USA made banjo ukulele is a great entry into the world of banjoleles for ukulele players. Many ukulele owners are intrigued by banjo ukes, and their distinctive tone, but can be put off by the weight of traditional instruments, especially those with heavy wooden resonators. They can also be frighteningly loud! The Magic Fluke firefly banjo manages to feel and play like a ukulele while getting the vintage banjo type sound of a banjo, without breaking your back trying to lift a beefy banjo uke.

This Firefly banjolele has a 14" soprano scale which is very comfortable for uke players. Keeping the weight down is a one piece fretboard, made from plastic with integrated frets. While this sounds unusual, as well as being light, it delivers better intonation than wooden fingerboards with metal frets - being precision made. The natural accuracy this gives is excellent, and particularly good on a ukulele banjo where any intonation issues can be jarring.

The Magic Fluke Firefly M80W has an 8 inch mylar Remo Fibreskyn head with both Remo and the cheerful firely logo on it. The banjolele has an Acousticon pot, which is pre-tuned and ready assembled. As this instrument has an open back, the design is simple and the feel is nice and light. The Firefly has very effective Grover 2B tuners, a ebony topped maple bridge, walnut beck and nice sounding all-unwound strings.

Some people love banjo ukes and others can't stand them - and probably many of the latter camp have experienced heavy instruments that just feel too far away from their beloved ukes. But this nice, lightweight, vintage toned Firefly ukulele banjo feels great and sounds bold and loud, without giving you backache!

If you're looking for a gig bag, a concert ukulele bag, such as the Mojo, will provide a reasonable fit. Please contact us for further details.