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Magic Fluke

Magic Fluke Firefly US Made Banjolele M90W Concert Banjo Ukulele

£309.00 £289.00

Magic Fluke Firefly US Made Banjolele M90W Concert Banjo Ukulele

Manufacturer: Magic Fluke


£309.00 £289.00

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This USA made concert scale length banjo ukulele is a delight. It is lightweight, comfortable to play, a spacious fingerboard and super-tight, loud and lively ukulele banjo sound. Sometimes in these descriptions we write subtly, mixing technical information with remarks about the tone, in a balanced, sensible way. Other times, well, we just go 'wooooo, yeah, this is great, wooooooo'. Excuse the silliness a moment but seriously, this Magic Fluke Firefly may technically be called the MFC-M90W-FLYW, but this fantastic instrument should be renamed 'the fun bringer' or the 'superbanjolele'.

Perhaps now would be a good time to get back to some more focused reasons why you might want to buy a concert Magic Fluke Firefly, rather than us going on about how wonderful it is. The first thing is the weight, which is similar, if not slightly lighter than a concert uke. This means if you are a ukulele player primarily - this instrument is the perfect way to get into the world of the banjolele. If you are a banjolele afficianado who likes big wooden resonators and chrome hardware with lots of nobs to twiddle - this may either not be for you - or make a refreshing change.

There is an 8" Remo Fiberskyn head, which is pre-tuned, and Grover friction pegs which are sturdy and do their job well. The Firefly is now strung with D'addario nyltech unwound strings (similar to Aquila), so ignore any out of date listings that say it has a wound 3rd. Also gone is the gig bag which used to be sent with Firefly banjo ukes. As everything is made in the USA, including the bag - the bags proved so expensive that it was putting the price up by £50! So, you can choose a regular concert ukulele bag yourself, and save yourself some money there.

There is a wooden fretboard, with scale length just shy of 40cm. The nut is a generous 37mm giving plenty of room. Honestly, playing this little banjolele seems effortless - so very playable! (It actually made me sound quite good!) To conclude, it is a little American marvel this MFC-M90W-FLYW, so so good!