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Legere Standard Synthetic Bb Clarinet Reed


Legere Standard Synthetic Bb Clarinet Reed

Manufacturer: Legere



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Legere synthetic clarinet and saxophone reeds are designed to replicate the tone and response of a premium cane reed but without all the inconsistencies which come with natural materials.
The use of synthetic materials results in absolute consistency from reed to reed and long-lasting, reliable performance.  
They are not susceptible to humidity changes and are far more resistant to warping and splitting than natural cane.
Legere reeds may seem expensive when compared to standard cane reeds, but they are so durable and long-lasting without
deterioration of tone or response, that they prove to be very good value over time.  This also makes them just as appropriate for beginners, who may find they regularly split or break cane reeds, and experienced performers, who will value their consistency of tone and response.

We stock strength 2 and 2.5, as these are the most popular sellers, other strengths (in 1/4 sizes) available.  Please contact us for availability.