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Legere Bassoon Reed medium


Legere Bassoon Reed medium

Manufacturer: Legere



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Top symphonic and jazz musicians have been using the Légère single reeds for more than a decade. From the principals of the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic orchestras, to jazz greats like Gerald Albright and Hamiet Bliuett, Légère reeds have been tested at the highest possible level. Now this same quality is available in a bassoon reed.

Recently I was given an opportunity to try Legere's new bassoon reed prototype. I was expecting it to sound like an electric kazoo.  When I tried it-I was blown away by how musical, warm, dynamic the reed sounded. I was and still am amazed. Not only does it play like one of the best cane reeds ever but it STAYS THE SAME for MONTHS! It doesn't change after a 4-hour intense playing. It doesn't change in dry or wet, cold or hot weather. I CAN DEPEND on this reed to deliver exactly what I want it to.  The dynamics of this reed are second to none. What a fabulous idea; for people who just like to play and not spend half their lives profiling cane and watching it dry  -  the Legere bassoon reed.