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Left Hand Violin the Allegro by Gewa 4/4 - Outfit


Left Hand Violin the Allegro by Gewa 4/4 - Outfit

Manufacturer: Gewa



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When set-up in our work-shop this instrument is a very good choice.

This is a genuine left-hand Violin. It is sourced from the German firm, Gewa. There are important differences in construction compared with a right-hand violin simply strung as a left hand one. Basically this model has the bass bar (underneath the top table top of the instrument) on the correct side to make the instrument resonate correctly. Also the top is carved with the wood thicknessed to be opposite to the right hand instrument.
Of course, left-handed players, mainly, would play as instrumentalists in small groups of musicians. Playing in an orchestra would be a problem!

Supplied with HVC case, 1461 bow and Hidersine 3V rosin.

Usually dispatched in about a week.