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La Bella

La Bella Uke Pro No.200 Ukulele Strings for Soprano Ukes


La Bella Uke Pro No.200 Ukulele Strings for Soprano Ukes

Manufacturer: La Bella



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La Bella have made various grades of ukulele string for a while, but they've tended to be at the economy end of the scale. These Uke-Pro series ukulele strings are pitched as a genuine alternative for serious players, where better performance is the aim, as opposed to producing the cheapest available strings. These La Belle Uke Pro No.200 ukulele strings are for soprano uke and are made in the USA. The packet will tell you they're wound with American wire, which we're sure they would be if they weren't all nylon, with no wound strings. The tuning is regular GCEA, with a high G.

In terms of performance, these semi-translucent ukulele strings are well balanced and clear, with good projection without overbearing brightness. In the excellent review on the feel and performance of these ukulele strings is likened to a midway point between Aquila and Worth strings, which in our view is a very good description. Both that review and La Bella suggest these are good fingerpicking and solo strings.

The guages of the No.200 La Bella ukelele strings are G, 022, C, 036, E 032 and A 025.