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Kynseker Garklein 4001


Kynseker Garklein 4001

Manufacturer: Mollenhauer



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The 4001 recorder is made of  Maple or Plumwood.This very smallest recorder available, it's in the key of C, so three fingers is G, like a descant.

It is of the Renaissance and early baroque period.

These versatile instruments after Hieronymus F. Kynseker (Nuremberg, 1636–1686) are based on the original instruments kept at the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg.
The full range of instruments, from Garklein to Great Bass, form a superb consort  in which the tuning and sound have been carefully matched. The fingerings are similar to those of the familiar Baroque fingering patterns.

a' = 442 Hz


        Leather bag
        Microfibre mop, highly absorbent
        Joint grease
        Fingering chart
        Maintenance instructions


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