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Kremona Coco European All Solid Tonewood Soprano Ukulele

£230.00 £229.99

Kremona Coco European All Solid Tonewood Soprano Ukulele

Manufacturer: Kremona


£230.00 £229.99

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The Kremona Coco is a very striking looking uke, but one with a really punchy sound to match the good lucks. With solid red cedar top, with a really nice close grain, and solid rosewood back and sides, the sound really leaps out of this little uke, with great clarity and resonance. Aquila strings are fitted, giving the Kremona Coco soprano a bright tone, while individual strings are well separated in sound, making it a nice clear picking uke. Strummed and it delivers a complex, very loud and full sound with a bright edge. You may be able to tell from the valiant attempts to describe the sound of the Coco, that we like it - after all, why else would you try and describe it in so many ways!

The finish of the Coco soprano is satin, with the cedar soundboard contrasting very nicely with the deep brown, and very pretty rosewood. Adding to the embellishment is some nice dark hardwood binding, and brown and cream purlfing. The soundhole is Kremona's distinctively shaped oval soundhole, which is decorated with cream and dark brown quarters on this model. It certainly looks the part, and will stand out against other ukes in your collection. Everything is made very nicely, as you'd expect from a European made ukulele.

The nut width is 35mm and the neck profile is shallow, making this a nice uke for barre chords in particular, and the rosewood fingerboard has 15 smooth frets. Very nice quality friction pegs on the rosewood capped, unusually shaped headstock complete the picture.

Overall, for a European made all solid ukulele, with a fantastic, bold voice, it stands up very well against Chinese made all solid soprano ukuleles from more mainstream makers.